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for congress extending the borrowing authority of the united states. >> will they roll it out. >> you can speculate about a lot of things, but there's not-- nothing needs to come to these kinds of, you know, speculative notion about how to deal with a problem easily resolved by congress doing its job. very simply, since treasury, i believe, overseas printing and minting, you might ask treasury. >> at no point in-- >> and joining me now the chairman of the south carolina democratic party and mark theeson, enterprise institute and former speech writer for george w. bush. if congress doesn't give him the authority to raise the debt limit, he has the end around it with the trillion dollar coin he could just sort of say is there and allows him to spend more because we have this extra savings to really boil it down. mark, your thoughts? >> this, this may be one of the stupidest ideas ever to come out of washington and that's saying something. it's not clear it's legal. edward moy, under bush and obama may say it's legal to print a trillion dollars platinum coin, it doesn't have a trillion dolla
reported the tax increase actually affected all three quarters of the united states. now we are learning it has affected so many middle class americans that consumer confidence is slipping. fox business network elizabeth mcdonald is here. >> this comes from the conference board consumer index. it's a really important index. the federal reserve tracks it economists on wall street track it. it did take a sharp drop in january. all of the positive gains in the index in 2012. what the top officials are saying is that consumers are more pessimistic about their financial situation and they are attributing it to the hike in the payroll tax. it has undoubtedly dampened consumer spirits us. the payroll tax was reinstated recently. what the board is saying is it may take a while for confidence to rebound. the conference board for consumer confidence is one of the leading economic indicators. the confidence drop comes despite the improvement in the housing market despite the fact that auto sales annual high of 14 and a half million since the financial crisis and stops near all time highs as well. i
right here. well, people who came to the united states illegally could enjoy an easier path to citizenship in this new year. that's thanks to a new rule announced yesterday from a key immigration agency. it's designed to shorten the length of time families are separated while the illegal immigrants works his or her way through the system in america. critics are calling it a power grab by president obama. chief washington correspondent james rosen live in our capital. james. >> reporter: megyn, good afternoon. the people chiefly affected by the new rule change are by and large mexicanses who came here and embark on a path to citizenship typically because they married an american citizen and committed no crimes. and emphasized that the overall population of illegal aliens who could qualify for citizenship is not at all expanded by this rule rather than characterize it simly as speeding up the process and keeping fathers and mothers of their children sole breadwinners for those dependent on them. the class of people of 25,000 a year who no longer will have to leave the country
parts of the united states in dangerous ice and where it's headed next, plus, the emotional testimony from the father of a newtown school shooting victim. six-year-old james mattioli was killed in the massacre and his father mark is speaking out saying what he thinks is lacking today to help prevent future incidents like sandy hook. could this man's voice be a game changer in this debate? >> what i would say is chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and to people who want a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think that the gun laws are protecting the people let alone the 500 who perished last year, we have more than enough on the books and we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and enforce laws appropriately. art attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request
in the united states so they're on a mission and this is one step closer to getting that done. >> megyn: now what jumped out at me, the guy how heading up the sierra club. >> yeah. >> megyn: and who won here, defeated this power plant is a guy, our viewers may remember his name. al armandarus and used to be a top official with president obama's epa and forced down after a youtube talking about a message and overseas he oversaw texas with the epa and talking how he gets the companies in line and we've got quote here, at the time, it was kind of like how the romans used to conquer the villages in the mediterranean, go in a little turkish town somewhere and find the first five guys they saw and they'd crucify them and then you know that town was easy to manage for the next few years, and so he was forced out in the wake of that, and now, he's heading up the sierra club and continues to cause problems for these coal plants down in texas. >> reporter: two years after he said that he's head of the beyond coal campaign for the he sierra club and they have said explicitly, their goal is to move tex
. >> megyn: molly line, thank you. the new president of egypt travels to the united states in just weeks and so far the white house has been silent about one of president morsi's top agenda items. he wants us to release the blind sheik who is tied to the 1993 world trade center bombing and serving a life sentence in north carolina. why would we release him? why haven't we said anything in response to this now very public demand being made upon us? congressman pete king wants the answers to those questions, too, he's here live next. and today, president obama nominates jack lew to be the next treasury secretary, geithner is going. he takes new heat why his last four cabinet nominees are all white men. da dana perino reminds us how they were mocking mitt romney's binder of women comment. and georgia in the middle of the gun debate after a mother was forced to use a gun to defend herself and her children after a burglar was breaking into the home. and we hear it in real time as police release the 911 call. >> if he opens that door, you shoot, you shoot him, you understand? ♪ you know my h
. currently we have no planning in place to actually meet the needs of our population of the united states with regard to a physician work force. >> it is estimated 30 million americans will gain coverage through medicaid and/or health insurance exchange. 130 million will still remain uninsured. we strongly support the coverage expansions which open the door to a broader healthcare system with many of our patients. we know well coverage alone doesn't equate to access. >> the current influenza crisis shows delivery to -- the primary care provider could have educated them on influenza and influenza vaccine. tens of thousands of people are presenting to emergency rooms sick and looking for help. >> and where are the doctors? ear is one. dr. mark seigel a member of the team and associate professor at mangone medical center which i highly recommend. had both of my children there. they are saying what you have been saying on this program for years there is a doctor shortage in this country it is severe already and it's going to get more severe unlessing obama care kicks in in earnest and all of
talking about groups in the united states that support israel, they're strong opposition among conservative pro-israel factions in the united states, but there's also among liberals misgiving and they want to hear from hagel, bowing and scraping and carden and others who are pro israel want to hear hagel say, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have. we may be on the verge of that great washington phrase "inartfully phrased", and then the second half, the fact that republicans dislike him more than they dislike some democrats, not just because of the israel stuff, but in 2006 and 2007 when republicans were taking an incredible amount of abuse because of what was going on in the iraq war, hagel changed his position, he had been a supporter of the war, he changed his position, came out against the war and vigorously, he was the most outspoken opponent among the republican party against the iraq surge in 2007 and split with john mccain, a former mentor of his, and sewed a lot, a lot, a lot of animosity between himself and his party. and when he voted for barack obama, it was sort of no surpris
providing intelligence to the united states, amid conflicting reports about what's really going on on the ground and the news has been all over the place this morning on this. the white house sayitaying prety tight-lipped, but moments ago jay carney did say this. >> we condemn in the strongest terms, a terrorist attack on bp personnel in algeria and we're closely monitoring the situation. >> megyn: greg palkot monitoring this situation live from london now, greg? >> reporter: it's been fast-shifting story all day and according to multiple sources there's an algerian operation ongoing to try to free the hostages held by islamic militants linked to al-qaeda at the a natural gas complex in southeastern algeria. that operation could include helicopter gunships, ground troops of the algerian armies and hearing reports of explosions as well as a lot of confusion on the ground which is maybe the claims have been so wild today about the results of this operation. an algerian source was quoted saying that 25 foreign hostages were free, including americans, and then a militant claimed tha
for two islamic militants held in the united states, including this man, remember him? we just talked about this, sheik abdel-rahman, and one of the most notorious in the u.s. prison system, a life sentence in north carolina for helping to plan the first attack on the world trade center back in 1993. that bombing killed six people and injured more than a thousand and there have been all sorts of discussions how they wanted this man back. remember, mohammed morsi, the egyptian president came out publicly and said he was going to press president obama for this personally and the white house didn't explicitly respond, but said prior they did not plan on releasing the blind sheik, but morsi said maybe we'll press for visitation or humane conditions for him. egyptians took to the streets in protest about the blind sheik's imprisonment back in september and a cause for them, and now we find out the algerian hostage takers-- the al-qaeda-linked hostage takers in algeria want him released if they're going to release u.s. citizens. we'll go to the pentagon and colonel oliver north joins us wit
a democrat or a republican, i fundamentally believe the united states is going to be able to bounce back from this and we actually have responded a lot differently than europe has, there's not enough time to get into that, but i think that we have responded in a different way than they have and i don't think we are going to end up in the same place that they are. >> megyn: what do you make of that, the cultural influence, chris? because america has been sharply partisan for much of its history, the founding of this country and the next hundred years we've always been hyper partisan, maybe they got along better, maybe at the end. day reached an agreement a little better, but, you know, that's how the system was set up. so how much is the hyper-partisanship we're seeing in washington affecting this versus other intangibles? >> i've lived in washington for years and i'm embarrassed for my species. forget about washington or voting republican, the rest of it, if this is the best the human race can do at the highest levels of governance on the planet earth then i think we're in pretty big trouble
. >> that's his thing. that's his -- his life's work prior to being elected vice-president of the united states, the pinnacle moment was achieving a liberal end of gun control. when you put him in charge of the commission, you say this is our priority, it's a priority for the left and they're going to get louder and louder. every day that the that goes by that the president is not providing gun control they're going to get-- >> mrs. sebelius is in charge of health and human services, but when you put the top guy on it. we'll see. the reports from the washington post this weekend that they really are expanding the way they want this gun control piece of it to look, much broader than the 2004 version. chris, thanks for being here. >> you bet. >> megyn: well, to give you an idea how much attention people are giving this gun debate, the fbi says background checks for firearms has soared some 39% in one month's time and that they hit a record high in the the month of december. while the government does not track how many guns are actually sold there are anecdotal reports from gun store owners
an hour and we'll watch it live here. new developments on a dramatic showdown in the united states senate na could be be a game changer for republicans. less than 48 hours after the president gave an inaugural address calling for several controversial policy goals, the democratic leader of the u.s. senate gives republicans an ultimatum. either agree with us to reform the senate rules now to make it tougher for the minority, that is the republicans, to filibuster, or democrats will do it alone. now, the filibuster is one of the few tools the minority has in its arsenal that gives it a real voice during crucial debates. so why would the republicans agree to curtail that right and what does it mean if harry reid decides to do it on his own with his own party. chris stirewalt is digital editor and host of power play on the filibuster, normally to get something approved in the senate you have to have 51 votes, but in order to sort of get the votes going you need 60 votes and the filibuster is something the republicans use to stop that from ever happening, that deprive the party in
that this is a veiled threat to the president of the united states of assassination by choosing mlk day as gun appreciation day. and so it's come to that. your thoughts? >> well, so much for an adult national discussion. all of the things that -- and there is some hope out there that it might be revived, but what we've seen in pretty short order, in less than a month, we've seen the national discussion that was spurred by that tragedy in sandy hook elementary turn back to sort of the tribalized version of the debate over guns. we've seen that liberals, and you mentioned governor cuomo, you mentioned vice-president biden, attorney general eric holder in the mix, too, making it very plain, making it very clear that they see this as gun control, which haven't had a serious discussion about that in the country, really, in more than a decade, and going back to that issue. then you see the anxiety growing among people who are ardent supporters of the second amendment, that they say, we know what this is, and we're going to stand our ground. so that means that the outlook for what we thought we might
just spoke about keeping advanced technology in the united states and now lawmakers are hoping he's true to his word. the tennessee congresswoman, republican marsha blackburn said, i'm quoting here, if the president is truly serious about his pledge to the american people then he has no option, but to block the sale of 123. this is not a partisan issue, but a clear-cut issue of national security that's closely watched by the defense community. now, to ease concerns, they say they'll only buy the civilian arm of a-123, not the government wing, but critics point out the technology is the same in both. the committee on foreign investment could block this deal, megyn. but historically that committee is very, very reluctant to do that. >> megyn: wow, all right, trace, thank you. >> reporter: yep. >> megyn: well, an outburst from the secretary of state yesterday in these hearings reigniting an old debate over the terror attack in libya. why does it matter she asks who killed the four in the consulate-- that's not what she asked, she asked why does it matter why they did it. up next we'
a few special ops units available to women. in the army i am an infantry men we had units different jobs to do not more important just different. on the ground the requirement as far as physical requirements are a little bit different. when you draw these distinctions. it's not about having women in combat. colonel mcsally has been in combat val rousely. there's a difference between being in combat and unit that is to sustained combat days weeks months and years. it has nothing to do with equality or discrimination it has everything to do with combat effectiveness. that's the core of the argument. a lot of people can inflate the two combat verses combat distinctions. it's an important distinction. >> colonel let me ask you this, for a lay person like me without military experience i can understand somebody like you somebody so brave and fit and desirous of going into a military career could handle this, go into this situation and defend our country and do it willingly and professionally. but then when i picture a kid -- say it changed tomorrow and 18-year-olds tomorrow had to register an
to the state of affairs in the united states, when it comes to young people and their willingness to kill a whole bunch of people. where does that come from? they see in hollywood movies, 18,000 people or something murdered by the time they're 18 years old. we treat human life in a trivial fashion in a panoply of ways that we can't go into here, but i don't see the president pushing back against hollywood or video game makers or contributors in many cases in hollywood and all of the other factors that contribute to this, you know, obviously, it's a horrible and an intractable problem, but banning a hundred guns out of a thousand, doesn't solve your problem for you. and one of the big problems i have is that this, you know, the macro cynicism of it all in proposing what they had wanted to propose before sandy hook and getting it through, essentially, on the backs of the tragedy or on the back of the tragedy and then using children as props to back up their, essentially, phony arguments that this is going to reduce the likelihood that something like this is going to happen again in the futu
first term as president of the united states., as at least allowed by the debt ceiling. what he was really saying, it seemed to me, megyn, the only antidote and the only possible response for this very carefully thought out president, when it comes to the absolutism of the republicans is to meet with with absolutism of his own, both intransigent, both irrational to change over time. >> the president in 2006, the sign that the leadership failure, a sign that the u.s. can't pay its own bill and financial assistance to reckless policies. leadership means that the buck stops here and he goes on tosayt it. now, that's, that was his position back then. >> right. >> megyn: he was saying no, period. no, to an increase in the debt limit. the republicans in the house now are saying, not know, yes if we put in place some spending cuts. so, it's not an absolute no on their part, it's we'll give you what you want if you put in place spending cuts, but he seems to think that that position is more extreme than flat out no back in '06. >> it becomes habitual with this president, megyn, that he
to uphold, defend the united states constitution. in wyoming federal law enforcement could be jailed for five years if they enforce gun laws. now, constitutional lawyers will argue that federal law trumps state law, but some lawmakers say there needs to be a showdown and this might be it. we're not just talking about states, but counties are pushing back, lindh county, oregon, tim mueller says he won't enforce federal gun regulation and won't allow the feds to do so in his county. listen. >> making criminals now honest citizens, that's not the path to go. if i could ask anything out of this, just get people talking about it. >> reporter: they're talking all right. in fact, we've got sheriffs in two other states, in kentucky and idaho doing exactly what sheriff mueller is doing, to defy the federal government and again, all this have kind of well before the president lays out his strategy. >> megyn: thanks, trace. and a push to completely eliminate the debt ceiling once and for all effectively eliminating any legal checks on federal spending. up next, stu varney, what this could mean
of the fire departments in the area have responded with some units. as far as every unit that's there, i really don't have a good feel for that. >> alisyn: okay, well, no problem. mark, we thank you for your time and for shedding some light on this catastrophe that's unfolding in houston. stick around if you can. we want to take kriv local affiliate in houston, interviewing a local witness. >> multiple people-- >> i really don't know. >> did it sound like one weapon. >> yeah, it did sound like one weapon. >> what was the reaction of the other students around you when that happened? >> some people were crying, some people were screaming. and you know, other people were on the phone already. i was trying to call for a ride, but then the phone locked up, nobody could call out. so even more chaos because you weren't able to find a way to get a hold of anybody to let them know you're okay. >> and kathy, for someone who has not been on that campus, what year of a student are you there? >> this is actually my first year. >> this is your first year. and you've been to the library, i'm sure. can
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)